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Tuesday, 16 October 2001

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Due the dynamic nature of the Internet / WWW, no single source texts are currently available which incorporate all the subject areas in this module. However those highly recommend below covers the majority of the module topics. In addition the lecture notes, additional references and web sites will be noted during the semester.

1. Internet & World Wide Web: How to Program (Available in the CAS Library)
Deitel, H, M.
Prentice - Hall

2.  Web Programming, Building Internet Applications
Bates, Chris (2000)

3.  Web Style Guide: Basic Design Principles for Creating Web Sites
Yale University Press (1999)
Complete guide on-line at:

4.  Designing Web Usability (Available in the CAS Library)
akob Nielsen

New Riders

5.  HTML 4.01 specification - official
W3C Recommendation, Revised 24 December 199
(downloadable for offline use in many compressed formats)

6.  Extensible Mark-up Language
W3C Recommendation (Latest Version)




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